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You've probably heard the buzz by now, but FCC's own Jamie "Haymaker" Hay is set to compete on FCC 14 in his second ever amateur bout.

Jamie Hay is probably more recognisable to FCC fans as show-runner, interviewer, social-media "celeb" and all round nuisance.

He will now be adding another string to his bow by entertaining fans from inside the cage!

Haymaker who has always trained at Blackledge MMA, stepped up his regime the past 9 months and even competed on our sister show Grapple Nation back in June.

He will face undefeated Moses Nde of Team Monkey MMA, who made an impressive debut in the cage on FCC13.

This fight is going to be a barnburner and not one to be missed!!

FCC 14 - Saturday 17th October, tickets ON SALE NOW

But in the meantime, let's not forget the day our "Haymaker" got a bit of a tickle in a Shark Tank at Manchester Predators..

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