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Lewis McGrillen guarantees dominance at FCC 29

Words by Harry Williams

Thus far in his professional career, flyweight Lewis McGrillen (3-0) has provided nothing but dynamite, and tonight he aims to bring it into the Bolton Arena.

Originally, Lewis was scheduled to face familiar opposition in FCC veteran Jamie Kelly (3-2) until an injury forced Kelly out of the bout indefinitely. The two were no strangers to each other on the local scene, having been matched against each other on more than one occasion.

“I was wounded to hear Jamie was pulling out of the fight” McGrillen said. “I’ve wanted to fight him for a long time. I was ready for any opponent to step up though. I’d been here numerous times before as an amateur. I don’t know why Jamie’s pulled out, but when he gets back, I still want to smash his head in. This isn’t the first time he’s pulled out of a fight with me, so I somewhat expected it again.”

In record time, under one hour, wouldn’t you know it – FCC managed to find a replacement for the Manchester Top Team representative. As luck would have it, McGrillen will face yet another familiar foe in Sheldon Ryan; a decorated amateur who will be making a quick turnaround in his professional debut. Nonetheless, Lewis is remaining confident.

“It was the fastest change of opponent I have ever had,” the undefeated flyweight told. “Thanks to FCC for finding a good replacement in such a short time frame. I quickly got back in the zone. I know who Sheldon is, I’ve seen him fight plenty of times before. He’s just a name for me, though. I know exactly what he’s about and what he’s going to do. I’m ready for him. Whoever was going to step up, no matter who, they were going to the gulag.”

Sheldon Ryan is anything but inactive. Having amassed a similar number of bouts as his next opponent with an amateur record of 7-2-1, Ryan last fought only three weeks ago. Despite his activity rate, McGrillen feels he knows Ryan like a book and that the outcome will mirror his previous professional fights.

“I see myself stopping him,” Lewis confidently stated. “I think he’s in a bit over his head in taking this fight. I hear he’s been eager to fight me before, but there’s a reason I have stopped everyone so far. He doesn’t know what he’s in for. I’m going to dominate him just like I have everybody else.”

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