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Professional MMA Fighter Jonno Mears used the Boston Crab submission to beat Aaron Jones on last nights FCC 19.

The nature of this move is pretty bizarre, and ultimately difficult to use in an MMA fight. However Mears certainly showed us how it's done, complete with double thumbs up and tongue out!

With Jones lay on his stomach, Mears grabs both of Jones’ legs and bends them backward until in a sitting position. Jones was forced to tap out, either to the pressure on his back, or what could have also been a foot lock variation.

Either way, it was a unique and spectacular way to end a fight.

The Boston Crab, or in this case the Bolton Crab, is more commonly knows as The Walls of Jericho, a professional wrestling move used by Chris Jericho.

Needless to say the move has created quite a stir amongst the MMA and WWE communities and has featured on UNILAD, LADBIBLE, SPORTS BIBLE and reached over 1.4mil people on FCC social media. We even managed a re-tweet from Jericho himself!

We can't wait to have Jonno back in February 2018, we're hoping he'll go for the people's elbow next time!

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