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On Saturday 28th March the unit alarm was sounded for #FCC12 Amateur Heavyweight Title Fight between Shaun "The Caveman" Kenny and Paul Wadsworth.

From the get go both guys were throwing knock out shots with Wadsworth dropping Kenny early in the round. Wadsworth rushed in looking to finish Kenny. However whilst both fighters traded in the pocket, Kenny managed to counter with a monster right hand, knocking Wadsworth out. This was followed up with a hammer fist from hell to put the final nail in the coffin.

This fight has gone viral with over 160,000 hits and counting on one MMA site and it has just been picked up by Inside MMA hosted by Bas Rutten. Even more exciting than this is that both fighters have agreed to a rematch on #FCC13 Saturday 20th June. Click here for tickets Watch the full fight here:

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